Kobe Bryant helicopter crash blamed on ‘disorientation’ of the pilot by the NTSB, February 9, 2021, 54 days after Pope Francis’ birthday

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Notice the gematria of ‘disorientation’.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172 *Jordan’s birthday 17/2
Sacrifice = 73 / 206 *Bryant = 26 *NTSB = 26
89, 24th prime *Kobe Bryant, #24
73, 21st prime *Lakers = 21 (’21)

Read my prior decode on this news story, and how it was announced the report would be made today on February 4, or 2/4.

And for the record, today is 54 days after Pope Francis’ birthday, in light of the fact that Kobe was traveling from Catholic Mass. And let us not forget he died one week before Super Bowl 54.

2/9/2021 = 2+9+20+21 = 52


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