Kobe Bryant statue to be unveiled in LA, February 8, 2024, the day of Denver Nuggets @ Lakers

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On the night of the unveiling of the Kobe Bryant statue, the Lakers are sitting on 113 wins vs. the Denver Nuggets, a reminder of just how scripted the NBA is.
The National Basketball Association=113
Kobe Bryant=113

Once again, Kobe Bryant died 38 weeks after his wife’s birthday, after having an affair in Colorado, the 38th state several years earlier (it was a big drama at the time).
Colorado=38 *Death=38

Today’s date can be written 8/2.

They’re reportedly unveiling the statue today because Gianna wore #2, and Kobe wore #8 & #24.

Also, today has 54 date numerology.
Gianna Bryant=54
Kobe Bean Bryant=54

He was 41, she was 13. *41+13=54

Again, he died on the Pope’s 41st day of his age, traveling from Catholic Mass, and now the statue is going up on the Pope’s 54th day of his age.

This ritual also took place on the Superior General’s 89th day of his age, the 24th prime.
Los Angeles, California=89

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