Kobe Bryant’s time of death on certificate, 10:10 and his “Mamba out” speech +End of Days cartoon

Celebrity Coronavirus Murder by Numbers

Notice, Kobe Bryant’s time of death on his death certificate is recorded as 10:10 AM.

When Kobe signed off as a Laker, and said “Mamba Out”, the time was 10:10 on the clock.

This matters because Kobe was an L.A. star.  L = 12 A = 1

Recall, the cartoon that foreshadowed Kobe’s death, was titled ‘End of Days’, a reference to Revelation, and of course Kobe’s death is part of the riddle of the coronavirus outbreak, where the first case in the U.S. was found January 21, five days before Kobe’s helicopter crash.  Kobe is now buried in Corona del Mar.  *Coronavirus = 56 / 70 *Corona del Mar = 56 / 70