Lakers eliminate Blazers 131-122, August 29, 2020 & the death of Clifford Robinson one day after Chadwick Boseman’s death on Jackie Robinson Day

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As predicted, the Lakers beat the Blazers 4-1 (before the series even began), and sadly, they had to 86 Cliff Robinson for the riddle the day of the game. Notice in Game 5, 253 points were scored. *122+131 = 253

253, the 22nd triangular number
*King = 22 *Basketball = 22

Read about the Cliff Robinson decode here:

Watch the video where I talk about the 253 in his name.

Keep in mind the Lakers scored 131 on the 57 date, another pattern I have talked about for 7 straight years.

8/29/20 = 8+29+20 = 57

Keep in mind this game was one day after the death of Chadwick Boseman, and Jackie Robinson Day.

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