LeBron James says he wants to play his last season with his son, Bronny Jr., February 20, 2022

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This story comes on LeBron’s 53rd day of his age.
Father and Son = 53
Los Angeles = 53
-LeBron James born Dec. 30, 1984

It comes 137-days after his son’s 17th birthday, October 6.
137, 33rd prime
Family = 33
James = 33
LeBron = 33

His son is LeBron James Jr.

And you have to love they saved this article for when his son is 17. Of course LeBron helped the Lakers win their 17th championship, in his 17th season.
NBA = 17
Ohio, 17th State
Signed with Lakers on 1/7 (July 1)



  1. k1 on February 20, 2022 at 6:37 pm

    all star game total score 187 at half time

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