LeBron James ties Kobe Bryant in games played on 2-year anniversary of passing him in points scored, helping Lakers improve to 24-24 and the 8th seed, in rigged NBA mockery, January 25, 2022

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This came on the two year anniversary of LeBron James passing Kobe Bryant in points scored, in Kobe’s hometown, Philadelphia.
25/1, like 251
251, 54th prime
Jesuit Order = 54
Kobe Bean Bryant = 54
LeBron passed Kobe Bryant scoring 54th Lakers’ points (1/25/2020)

This also occurred on Nike’s birthday.

Nike’s logo is a ring of Saturn.
Nike = 21 / 24 (Lakers 24-24)
Saturn = 21

You get the best view of Saturn from earth every 54-weeks.

LeBron James scored 33 in the game, just like how the Lakers opened the game winning the first quarter 33-25.
Kobe = 33
LeBron = 33
James = 33

Notice that was 58-points.
Kobe Bryant = 58
Los Angeles Lakers = 58

*Prophecy = 106 (Philly tribute) *LeBron = 96 *Lakers = 96


Adding insult to injury, the Lakers improved to 24-24, and the #8th seed, just like how Kobe Bryant wore jersey #8 and #24 in his playing career. Mockery.


In light of the Jesuits being behind all of this, ‘Jesus Christ’ equates to 888 in Greek Isopsephy. And in this game, LeBron James picked up his 888th regular season win.
Kobe started with #8

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