Lee Elder, first black golfer to play at the Masters, dies at age 87, November 29, 2021

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Notice the mention of him playing in the Masters 40 years ago. As we know in this community, golfers with 40:1 odds hit often. It is a magic number in the sport.
Golf = 40

The funny thing is, it wasn’t 40 years ago, it was 46 years ago, 1975.
Sacrifice = 46

As for for Robert Lee Elder being known as Lee Elder, it is a 42 thing.
Lee Elder = 42
Robert Elder = 59

And notice he is dead at 87.
Number of the Beast = 87

The beast rules for 42 months.

1975 was 46 years ago *Sacrifice = 46

From July 14, 2021, to today’s news is a span of 139 days, the 34th prime.
Black = 34
Murder = 34
*Jack Nicklaus = 34
The Bavarian Illuminati = 139

Jack Nicklaus won the 1975 Masters.

As for his full name, it reminds us of Tiger Woods.
Jesuit Order = 54 / 72 / 144
Tiger Woods = 54 / 54
Eldrick Tont Woods = 72
Robert Lee Elder = 72 / 144

The news comes on an 81 date numerology as well.
11/29/2021 = 11+29+20+21 = 81
Mark of the Beast = 81
*Kobe Bean Bryant = 81
-Scored 81 points in 666th game
Robert Lee Elder = 81
Ritual = 81 / 81

Jack Nicklaus is 81-years-old at the time of death of Lee Elder.

Today is 44-weeks and 4-days after Jacks Nicklaus’ 81st birthday.
Kill = 44
African-American = 44

As for the new of him dying at age 87 coming today, the news is on Russell Wilson’s 33rd birthday, and he is playing on Monday Night Football tonight.
Monday Night Football = 87
Seahawks = 87


  1. boyd504 on April 7, 2022 at 9:50 pm

    Hey Zac, check out “Essentially Sports.com” Caption: Tiger Woods Pays Tribute To Lee Elder.
    Scroll down and you will see a Twitter clip of Tiger discussing the sacrifice. The clip is 1min 21 sec. 121 = Sacrifice
    The clip was made on 12/1. 11:23am, like 223. It is so obvious

  2. boyd504 on April 7, 2022 at 10:05 pm

    Lee Elder was the 2021 Honorary Guest at the Masters. He was 86. Thats messed up, they were parading him around knowing that he was going to be the sacrifice for the 86th Masters. How could he show up without Tiger? He didnt see it coming? They were fattening him up for the slaughter. Man these people are cut throat to the bone! RIP Lee Elder

  3. boyd504 on April 8, 2022 at 7:42 am

    Hey Zac, there was a golfer by the name of Ben Hogan and his story MIRRORS Tiger’s situation. He was a top golfer, got in car accident in February like Tiger and came back the following November. The doctors said he would not walk again and play golf ever again. He left the hospital 59 days later. He returned to the tour the following year and lost in a playoff to Sam Snead. We really live in a false reality! I read an article and Tiger said in November that he wont play full time, but he will pick his tourneys like Ben Hogan. This is Unbelievable!!! Check out his WIKI page, you are gonna flip out!!

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