Linda Lingle, the first Jewish Governor of Hawaii and the Maui fires of August 8-9, 2023, in the time of Josh Green

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Linda Lingle = 99 / 54 / 198 / 63

Josh Green is the second Jewish Governor of Hawaii. Linda Lingle is the first.

Notice her birthday is June 4, or 6/4, going with Maui burning up before its 64th birthday.
Joe Biden = 64 (He was there for the 64th birthday)
-Biden was 17 when Hawaii was made a state *Maui = 17

And notice she got her first office in 1980, 43 years before the destruction.

As we covered, this fire is perfectly synced with Yale’s October 9 birthday, and we know ‘Yale’ is the 43 school. Think of H.W., 43rd VP, W., 43rd President, and Jeb Bush, the 43rd Governor of Florida.
Yale = 43
Football = 43
-The fires ended 206 days before Tua Tagovailoa’s birthday (from Hawaii)
Tua Tagovailoa = 145 & 206 (Fires on day leaving 145 days in year)

She is also from St. Louis, big time Jesuit town (big time football history town)

She was the 6th Governor, Josh Green is the 9th (if 6 was 9).

Lingle was the 3rd Mayor of Maui (3, 6, 9) as well, who took office in ’99.
Linda Lingle = 99

Recall, Maui burned on the Rock’s 99th day of his age.
Directed Energy Weapon = 99

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