Lindsey Graham tests positive for Covid-19 after being vaccinated, August 2, 2021

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Notice he is 66, and his name equates to 87.
Lindsey Olin Graham = 87
Number of the Beast = 66 / 87

*Vaccination = 666

His symptoms reportedly began on Saturday, July 31, 2021
Lindsey Olin Graham = 93
Wuhan Coronavirus = 93
Saturn = 93 (Saturday)

That date can be written 31/7 (like 317, 66th prime).
-Saturn (Saturday named after Saturn)
-Satan (Saturn is Satan in Occult circles) (Similar sounding)
-Number of the Beast

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope, and his birthday is December 17, Saturnalia.

Society of Jesus = 79

Today is 87 days to Bill Gates 66th birthday, October 28, 2021. Of course he is the face of vaccines at the moment (and a man who knows how to pay tribute to the beast).
Bill Gates = 87
William Henry Gates = 258
Number of the Beast = 87 / 258

*Today the U.S. hit its goal of 70% vaccinated. Read more about that here.

*Today is Graham’s 25th day of his age *Vatican = 25 / 70

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