Lloyd Austin & Mark Milley in relation to the August 26, 2021 Kabul Airport attack

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The August 26, 2021 Kabul airport attack came on the 19th day of Lloyd Austin being 68 years old. It should remind you of the 19 hijackers on 9/11, the date that was part of a plan that went into motion in 1968.

Remember, Rylee McCollum was the first of 13 soldiers named, after the “ISIS-K” attack.

Adding insult to injury, the August 26 attack came on Milley’s 68th day of his age, which is 63.

As for him being 63 at the time of the attack, so was Hamid Karzai. *Terrorism = 63

Also relevant is this.

Lloyd James Austin = 56
Hamid Karzai = 68
Society of Jesus = 56
Mobile = 56 (The Jesuit town he is from in Alabama)
*Catholicism = 68

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