Long Covid becomes a top story for CNN, February 25, 2023, the 56th day of the year

Coronavirus Medical News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

Notice what has moved to the top story on the 56th day of the year, “long Covid.”
Coronavirus = 56 / 70 / 142
Covid Vaccine = 56
Coronavirus = 142

Today’s date numerology is 70. *2/25/2023 = 2+25+20+23 = 70

As for the emphasis on ‘broken,’ it equates to 65 like ‘pandemic.’
Broken = 65
Pandemic = 65

Recall, in the Event 201 simulation, 65 million people die, and was held on Melinda Gates’ 65th day of her age, only for the Covid vaccine to release while she was 56 years old.


There’s also this story from the CDC today.


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