Louisiana Governor signs bill into law requiring 10 Commandments to be posted in all public school classrooms, June 20, 2024

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Louisiana became the first state to pass a law requiring the 10 Commandments in public school classrooms, which seems like an obvious breach of the separation of church and state, so this is almost guaranteed to be overturned by the courts. But as for the day it happened, it happened on the first day of Summer, the Summer Solstice, June 20, 2024.
Summer=89 *Religion=89

The Governor is also 53 years old. *Religion=53

This move came 51 days after the state’s April 30 birthday. *Governor=51 *Rome=51

And notice how the 20th of the month fits in with the Ten Commandments.
Ten Commandments=56 & 79 *Society of Jesus=56 & 79

Louisiana is the 18th state. *IHS=18 & 18 *Sun=18 (first day of summer)

This governor assumed office on January 8, 2024, or 1/8.

The law came on the 172nd day of the year as well.
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam=172

That means this ritual came on his 165th day in office.
Scottish Rite=165 (most Jewish branch of Freemasonry)

The Governor also has a fitting name, Gematria.
Jeff Landry=47 & 52 *Government=47 & 52 *Authority=47 & 52 *Christian=47



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