Louisville Police kill business owner David McAtee at George Floyd and Breonna Taylor protests, June 1, 2020

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This happened June 1, 2020, a date with 47 numerology.

6/1/2020 = 6+1+20+20 = 47

Policeman = 47; Cop = 47; Government = 47; Authority = 47

They left the body of David McAtee on the street for 12 hours?  Recall, they left the body of Michael Brown on the street for four hours in Ferguson, Missouri.

Notice how David McAtee sums to 42.

After Michael Brown was killed, they released the following image of the killer, Darren Wilson.

McAtee was killed June 1, on the 99-year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Riots that occurred May 31 and June 1, 1921.

182, the 42nd prime.

In Tulsa you had the recent killing in the Crutcher Twins story.

The focus of this story is how the killing officers didn’t have their body cameras on.

Notice the 42 and 201 in the name Muhammad Ali.

Read more about George Floyd’s killing and 201: https://gematriaeffect.news/white-bar-owner-kills-black-george-floyd-protester-james-scurlock-saturday-may-30-2020/

Muhammad Ali died at age 74, June 3, 2016, like how the Prophet Muhammad died at age 63, and 2016 is the 63rd triangular number.

In Louisville, they were already protesting the death of Breonna Taylor, that occurred March 13, 2020.

The Breonna Taylor and George Floyd killings came a span of 74 days apart.

Link:  https://www.nytimes.com/article/breonna-taylor-police.html

March 13, or 13/3…

Minnesota = 133

Government = 133

The news of the firings comes June 2, or 6/2, like 62, from the 62-year-old Mayor, in Louisville.

Notice how Louisville sums to 46 and 62, connecting in with the 62 ritual, as well as the 46-year-old George Floyd ritual.

Read about how the Ahmaud Arbery killing in Georgia factors in:  https://gematriaeffect.news/?s=arbery

The killing of McAtee, June 1, was 139-days after the mayor’s birthday.

The killing of David McAtee was June 1, 2020.

6/1/2020 = 6+1+20+20 = 47



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