Lt. Governor Sheila Olivia dead at 71, 289 weeks after taking office

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We have seen this pattern before.
African-American = 71

And as I wrote about in the 18th chapter of my first book, Letters & Numbers, these rituals have a lot to do with race. Thus, Sheila Oliver, the first black woman to be Speaker of the State Assembly, is dead 18 days after her birthday, on 1/8, after taking office as Lt. Governor in ’18. *She took office with Phil Murphy. The name ‘Phil’ also fits in.
Race = 18
Phil = 18
Oliver = 81
Sheila = 108

Keep in mind we are just days before Barack Obama’s August 4 birthday.

She is dead 2023 days after taking office, in 2023.

Notice the 289 weeks after taking office on 1/16 as well. *African-American = 71, 116 & 289

Recall Ketanji Brown Jackson was sworn in 289 days after her birthday, as the 116th US Supreme Court Justice. *Ketanji Brown Jackson = 71

And this news comes three days before Barack Obama’s birthday.
Barack Hussein Obama = 116
Three = 56
56th Presidential Election gave rise to Obama
Black Lives Matter

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