Lynn Shelton, partner of comedian Marc Maron, dead at 54, May 15, 2020

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*Little Fires Everywhere = 118 *Death = 118

Lynn Shelton has died precisely 33-weeks after Marc Maron’s 56th birthday.

It is interesting that he is 56-years-old at this time, and has the Society of Jesus’s birthday, September 27.  Keep in mind Marc Maron was raised Jewish, in Poland, where Catherine the Great once preserved the Jesuit Order.

The name ‘Maron’ sums to 74, and you know how Jesus, 74 and 33 go together.

Notice the emphasis on ‘a horrendous, sad loss’, summing to 74.

His name Marc Maron has standout gematria as well.

The Jesuits and the Masons might as well be one and the same.

Regarding the Jesuits, she was 54-years-old.

She was one of many deaths on May 15, or 15/5, like 155.

She died 262-days after her August 27 birthday, or on her 263rd day of her age, the 56th prime, connecting to the fact that Marc Maron is 56.

*Society of Jesus = 56

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