Make-A-Wish Foundation co-founder Frank Shankwitz announced dead at 77, the morning of Super Bowl 55, February 7, 2021

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It isn’t hard to see why they saved the news of the death of the 77 year old for the 7th of February, the day of the Super Bowl. Keep in mind, this foundation is known for sending children to big sports events and uniting them with their favorite sports super stats.

*Shankwitz = Super Bowl = 41 / 49 / 112 / 131
*Frank Shankwitz = 80 *Satan = 55 / 80 *Super Bowl 55
*Tom Brady comes in with 80 postseason touchdowns
*Frank Shankwitz = 64 *Kansas City Chiefs = 64
*Super Bowl 55 is 6 weeks and 4 days after Tom Brady’s birthday

‘Make-A-Wish Foundation’ also goes with ‘football’ and Tom Brady’s August 3, or 8/3 birthday, like 83.

Keep in mind Tom Brady is born in ’77.

For one last point, notice how ‘Frank’ and ‘Brady’ go together.

Brady is on 22 home wins in the playoffs going into the game, and the Bucs are the home team for Super Bowl 55, and playing in their home stadium.

83, 23rd prime

Also, he has died 43 days before his March 8th birthday, and of course Tom Brady is 43 years old right now.

*1 month and 12 days *Shankwitz = 112 *Super Bowl = 112

And notice he died on the date of the Conference Championships.

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