Man rushes Payton Gendron, Buffalo grocery store mass shooter, in court, February 15, 2023

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This news comes on the 46th day of the year, a reminder that the shooter, Payton Gendron, already went through the latest “46” hate crime ritual. Read more about that here.

Gendron was charged with hate crime on the day leaving 199 days in the year.
199, 46th prime
Hate Crime = 46

Then, Gendron pleaded guilty 199 days after the shooting, again the 46th prime.

Furthermore, this was related to Katherine Massey.
Katherine = 46

She was 72…
Jesuit Order = 72 / 144

Recall, the shooting was 144 days after the anniversary of the death of Peter Canisius.

ALSO, today is 277 days after the Tops shooting, in Black History Month, the 59 month.
277, 59th prime
Negro = 59
Rasta = 59
Slave = 59
Blues = 59

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