Manuel Ellis, another “I can’t breathe” victim, who died March 3, is June 4, 2020 news

News Police State Racism

Here we have another “I can’t breathe” story on June 4, or 6/4, like 64.

*Civil Rights = 64

Notice this man’s story is from March 3, or 3/3, the anniversary of the Rodney King beatings.

The names Manuel and Ellis both sum to 33.

The name Manuel Ellis also sums to 42, and Washington is the 42nd state.  Of course, Rodney King was beat on 42, and you know the rest of the 42s.

As we know, they love to pair 33 and 74, and the phrase “I can’t breathe” sums to 74.

March 3 was the 63rd day of the year *Racism = 63
This post is from June 3, or 6/3

James Bible? Seriously? More 33.

King James?

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