Manuel Franco’s Tiz the Law wins 2020 Belmont Stakes, June 20, 2020

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*152nd anniversary of 14th Amendment coming up.

Donald Trump = 138 (We’ve seen a lot of 138 in sports in last year)
*Pennsylvania = 152 (Pennsylvania Ave., the White House)

Notice, Manuel Franco sums to 201, the number of the Jesuits.  As I said, I expect that number to be huge in sports for the time of coronavirus and George Floyd aftermath.

Read about the Jesuits, the Vatican, Pope Francis and 201:

The name Tiz the Law sums to 119 and 47, same as ‘Francis’ and ‘Vatican’.

The race was conducted on Pope Francis’ 187th day of his age.

Time = 187 (Satanic Gematria)

187 chapters in the Torah, what the Abrahamic religions are based out of

For one last point, the race fell on a 46 date numerology, reminding of the 46 books in the Catholic Old Testament.

6/20/20 = 6+20+20 = 46

46 year old George Floyd

Chaos = 46; Virus = 46

Event 201, coronavirus outbreak simulation…

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