Market Recap | Thursday, April 20, 2023


Thursday, April 20, 2023
4/20/2023 = 4+20+20+23 = 67
4/20/2023 = 4+20+(2+0+2+3) = 31
4/20/2023 = 4+2+0+2+0+2+3 = 13
4/20/23 = 4+20+23 = 47

April 20 is the 110th day of the year, leaving 255 days remaining.

This week our favorite Thursday company was not the top earner, but it was up 3.39% for the day, continuing a trend that has lasted over a month and I imagine will continue to last for a very long time going into the future since EV Charing companies are the future, and that is what NAAS is.
China = 35 (It is Chinese)
Thursday = 35 (35s on Thursday — sports, market & news)
NAAS = 35

And because I am on the road in California right now, and short on time, I apologize for the abbreviated post. But I want to once again emphasize the success of Chinese companies on Thursday. It is most definitely a very real pattern, and one that can definitely be taken advantage of. So please do. And please apply your own mind and your own research to take it to the next level.

Also, sorry for missing Wednesday altogether, I did not intend to. And of course, when I get back home, we will get back on track with full coverage of the market for the sake of identifying and figuring out more undeniable patterns. – Zach

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