Mary Maxwell Gates’ June 10, 1994 death, and Bill Gates becoming the world’s richest man on what would have been her birthday

Big Tech Celebrity History Murder by Numbers

Bill Gates mother died 25-days shy of her 65th birthday.

*Time = 25 *Death = 25

What would have been her birthday, July 5, in 1995, was the date Bill Gates was called the “world’s richest man”. Read more here:

She died on a date with 129 numerology, and Bill Gates was determined to be the world’s richest man, July 5, 1995, worth $12.9-billion. The number 129 factors in with Bill’s organization Gavi and his “Decade of Vaccines” announcement on January 29, or 1/29. Read more in the link just below.

6/10/1994 = 6+10+19+94 = 129 *Synagogue = 129 *America = 129

In light of her dying in 1994, read about the significance of 94 to Bill Gates, the year he was married to Melinda Gates. The following post also connects the “129” dots:

Her death came on her husband’s 193rd day of his age (44th prime).

*Seattle = 44

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