Max Cleland, Vietnam Vet & former Georgia Senator, dead at 79, 7-days after World Series, and 2-days before Veteran’s Day, November 9, 2021

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Joseph Maxwell Cleland is dead at 79.
#Gematria, the killing name
Joseph Maxwell Cleland = 79
The ABC Murders = 79
Society of Jesus = 79
Murder = 79

*Three = 79
-He was known for losing ‘three’ limbs in the Vietnam War

79 is the 22nd prime, and this news comes 7 days after the ‘Braves’ won the World Series, who lost Hank ‘Aaron’ on January 22, before winning the World Series later the same year.

He died 57 months after leaving office, January 20, 2017.
World Series = 57

Keep in mind this comes right before Armistice Day, or Veteran’s Day, on 11/11, and they’re talking about his service in Vietnam, alongside him being a staple in Atlanta.
Max = 11
Veteran’s Day 11/11
Word War I ended on 11/11
-Vietnam = 84
-Jesuit = 84
-United States of America = 84
-Atlanta on 84th Meridian W.

And notice, he died 11 weeks after his birthday.

Max = 4+1+6 = 11
-United States = 77

He died on a date with 16 numerology as well.
11/9/2021 = 1+1+9+2+0+2+1 = 16

S.J.’s established in 16th Century (Society of Jesus / Jesuits).
Jesus = 11
S.J. = 16

And in light of the Braves winning the World Series the year the Cleveland Indians announced they were becoming the Cleveland Spiders, doesn’t Cleland remind you of their city?

As for his death being 7-days after the World Series, and 2-days before Veteran’s Day…
Jesuit Order = 72
*More about 72 and the World Series

And for one last thought, November 9 was a perfect date for the man to die, because of the #Gematria of Joseph Cleland, equating to 52 and 65.
-Dead on day leaving 52 days in year
-Dead on 313th day of year (65th prime)


  1. GregRamsey74 on November 10, 2021 at 6:40 pm

    “Veteran’s Day” = 44 (Full Reduction)
    “Veteran’s Day” = 64 (Reverse Full Reduction)

    “M. Cleland” = 44 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    “M. Cleland” = 64 (English Ordinal)

    “Kill” = 44 (English Ordinal)
    “Kill” = 64 (Reverse Ordinal)

    “Vietnam War Vet” = 79 (Reverse Full Reduction)

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