Maxo Kream of Roc Nation’s brother killed, March 9, 2020, the anniversary of Notorious BIG +Jay-Z parallel

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This has everything to do with Notorious BIG, who died on the same day.

Notice, the brother of the rapper who signed with Roc Nation (Jay-Z’s label), died on the anniversary of Notorious BIG’s death, which was March 9, 1997, emphasis on ’97.  The death came March 9, 2020, the 97th day of Jay-Z’s age.

Jay-Z’s label used to be called Roc-A-Fella Records.

It states Mmadu Biosah also went by the rap name Money Du .

The date of 3/9 also ties in with the nickname ‘Biggie’.

And don’t forget Biggie died on a date with 38 numerology.

3/9/1997 = 3+9+1+9+9+7 = 38

9/13/1996 = 9+1+3+1+9+9+6 = 38 (Date 2Pac died)

He died 20-days before his brother’s upcoming birthday.

Notorious died in ’97, just shy of his 25th birthday.  *97, 25th prime

The death also came on his 257th day of being with Roc Nation.

*257, 55th prime

*Boule = 55 *Sigma Pi Phi = 55 *Greek letters of fraternity sum to 55 using the Greek alphabet *Jay-Z is Boule

Read more about the Boule here:
Read about Kobe Bryant’s death, 257, and the Boule here:

*This rapper died 67-days before the Boule’s birthday, May 15

*Blood Sacrifice = 67

Notice the shooting took place after 4:00 AM.  As we know, #4 is connected death.

They had to give you a Philadelphia t-shirt… after the recent LA deaths of Kobe Bryant, from Philadelphia, and Pop Smoke, whose death was related to Kobe’s, as covered.

With regards to Maxo Kream being 29-years-old, that also relates to Roc Nation.