Kobe Bryant’s death in light of his father, Joe Jellybean, and the Boule, established in Philadelphia, May 15, 1904 +Kanye West & LeBron

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The late Kobe Bryant is rumored to be a member of the Boule, or Sigma Pi Phi.

Notice the Boule was born in Philadelphia, like Kobe Bean Bryant.

From the 115th anniversary of the establishment date for Boule, May 15, 2019 to Kobe Bryant’s death, January 26, 2020, was a span of 257-days.  Here is why that matters.

*257 is the 55th prime

*Sacrifice = 46 / 55 *Los Angeles = 37 / 55

Next, notice there are 126 branches of Boule.  Of course, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant died on January 26, which happened to be the 37-year anniversary of the death of Bear Bryant, the great football coach, who died January 26, 1983.  *Bryant = 26 / 37

Notice the man who the helicopter Kobe died in was named after, Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky, died on October 26, or 10/26. His name also sums to 126.

Gianna Bryant = 126 / 54 / 198 / 72

Even more, Al Bryant of the Temptations died on October 26.

It is also important to note that from Kobe Bryant’s death, to the 116th birthday of the Boule, is a span of 111-days.  Of course, Kobe died in a ‘helicopter’.

Now, going back in time, Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia, on the 101st day of the Boule’s 74th year of being.  Keep in mind, he has died during the 74th NBA season.

*101, the 26th prime

Don’t forget when Kobe Bryant finished his career, his Los Angeles Lakers scored 101-points, where he scored 60-points, and the rest of his team scored 41.

Building on the 101 ritual, Kobe’s chopper crashed alongside the 101 Highway.

Read more about the connections between Wilt Chamberlain, Will Smith, and Kobe Bryant, all men from Philadelphia, and with LA (Bel-Air) connections:  https://gematriaeffect.news/will-smith-the-fresh-prince-wilt-chamberlain-the-death-of-kobe-bryant-january-26-2020/

According to Bishop Larry Gaiters, Kobe Bryant became a part of the Boule at the time of the July 1, 2003 rape story, where he was setup for that ritual, by a fellow Boule member.  If you have read the following post, you know the number ritual in the rape, is the same number ritual that was involved in the death of Wilt Chamberlain and the Lakers winning the NBA Finals in the 54th season, directly following his death, 251-days later (54th prime), as well as LeBron James passing Kobe in Philadelphia, scoring the 54th points of the game, on 25/1, like 251, the 54th prime, the day before Kobe’s reported death.  Read more here:  https://gematriaeffect.news/exposed-the-kobe-bryant-rape-hoax-july-1-2003/

Now to bring this back to Philadelphia, don’t forget Kobe’s father, born in ’54, Joe Jellybean Bryant, is 65-years-old at the time of his son’s death.  That is the biggest Philadelphia number, because the city was established on the day leaving 65-days left in the year.

And for the closer, notice his father was born 157-days after the Boule’s 50th birthday, and Kobe Bryant died on his 157th day of his age, in an “accident”.

*Drew McIntyre won the 33rd Royal Rumble, the day Kobe (33) died.

In light of Kobe being born in ’78, #78 of the Cleveland Browns is now in trouble with 157-pounds of weed. Where’s LeBron from? Right. And remember, his team just won the NBA All-Star Game with a target score of 157-points.

And don’t forget this predictive programming from the film, The Black Mamba, maybe the best 157 of all.

In light of Kobe Bryant co-starring with Kanye West, in The Black Mamba, let us not forget that Kobe died a span of 135-days from Kanye’s upcoming birthday, and of course, the Boule was established on May 15, what is typically the 135th day of the year, a big number in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia was established on a date with 135 numerology.

10/27/1682 = 10+27+16+82 = 135

Kanye West?  Jesus?  Revelation?  666?  Kobe Bryant’s 81-points in his 666th career game, Kobe Bryant’s 666 workout?  *Helicopter = 666

And don’t forget, Kobe Bryant crashed alongside Highway 101, very close to Kanye West’s house.



Bishop Larry Gaiters says the purpose of the Boule is to defend the Baphomet system, which is the Illuminati.  Notice what Gematria reveals about this, which the Bishop says is a subject he is unwilling to delve into.  

Listen to Larry Gaiters here:  https://www.bitchute.com/video/apaPN_IbFEA/

*157, 37th prime *Bryant = 37 *Los Angeles = 37 *Revelation 3:7

*May 15, 1904, was the 136th day of the year, because it was a leap year


The Bishop refers this as the Luciferian system.

Again, Kobe was born when the Boule was 74-years-old, and he died during the 74th NBA season.  The Boule was also established on a date with 43 numerology.

5/15/1904 = 5+15+19+04 = 43

If the Bishop is right about Kobe being indoctrinated into Boule after the rape hoax of July 1, 2003, that came 47-days after the Boule establishment date.

Remember, 47-degrees on the masonic compass, and they originally reported that Kobe’s chopper crashed at 9:47.

Kobe also crashed a span of 211-days from his upcoming birthday, or precisely 211-days before the upcoming Kobe Bryant day in L.A., August 24, 2020.

And don’t forget this mockery on February 11, or 2/11, the death of the death of the Ladysmith Black Mambazo singer:  https://gematriaeffect.news/joseph-shabalala-of-ladysmith-black-mambazo-dead-on-42nd-day-of-year-february-11-2020/

And for one more, the Boule are known as the ‘Black Nobility;. Notice the overlap with the name Kobe Bean Bryant.