Will Smith, the Fresh Prince, Wilt Chamberlain, & the death of Kobe Bryant, January 26, 2020

Entertainment Murder by Numbers

Notice the #41 jersey for Will Smith’s character in the Fresh Prince.  Kobe Bryant’s reported date of death, January 26, 2020, came 4-months and 1-day after Will Smith’s birthday, or 123-days.  Of course, Kobe was from Philly, and played basketball in L.A., much like Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, who was from Philadelphia, and got sent to L.A. and Bel-Air.  Connecting the 41 piece, is the Gematria of ‘Kobe Bryant’, and the fact that he died at age 41, at least according to the mainstream.

Pilot, Ara Zobayan…

Alicia Keys tribute at Grammy’s date of crash…

41, the 13th prime (Kobe dead at 41, and his daughter at 13)

*Kobe dead 41-days after JoAnn Buss

*Kobe dead on Pope Francis’ 41st day of his age

*Kobe dead a span of 41-days from Shaq’s upcoming March 6 birthday

*When Kobe scored 81-points, his team scored 41-points

*In Kobe’s last game, when he scored 60-points, his team scored 41-points

*Kobe retired 41-years after his dad was drafted by Golden State in 1975 *Golden State = 41

*Kobe’s chopper took off at 9:06 and crashed at 9:47, 41-minutes later.

*The last shot Kobe ever made was over #41 of the Utah Jazz.  *Utah = 14

*Kobe came off the court with 4.1 seconds left.

*In The Black Mamba film, Kobe throw the basketball time bomb at Kanye West’s helicopter, the last you see of the countdown is 4.1.

January 4 is written 4/1 in most countries

As for the 9:06 AM takeoff time, don’t forget Fresh Prince ended in ’96, and Kobe was drafted to the NBA in that year.

*September 10 is the 253rd day of the year *Philadelphia, Pennsylvania = 253

And again, the 9:47 crash factors into Bel-Air, and the fact that Kobe wanted to be a legend, and Will Smith even starred in “I Am Legend”.

Now to connect the dots even further, Kobe’s death was foreshadowed in a November 16, 2016 cartoon episode from the Comedy Central show Legends of Chamberlain Heights.

Notice Wilt Chamberlain was from Philly as well, and died in Bel-Air.

Now notice the date of release for the Chamberlain Heights cartoon that predicted Kobe’s future can be written 16/11, like 1611, the year the King James Bible was published.  Again, the Lakers won the Finals on June 19, 2000, the real King James birthday, in the season following Wilt Chamberlain’s death, which was the 54th NBA season *Kobe Bean Bryant = 54

Of course, LeBron James, aka King James, passed Kobe in points scored in Philadelphia, January 25, 2020, the date before Kobe’s reported death.  And keep in mind, the only time LeBron won the Finals for the Cavs, it was in his 13th season, on the real King James’ birthday.

Now as for who is responsible… we must read from Revelation 3:7…


*Recall, Kobe Bryant died 37-years to the day of Bear Bryant, January 26, 1983, dying in 2020.

Remember, Los Angeles lost to Portland in LA in the Remembering Kobe Bryant game, thanks to Damian Lillard, with the 15/7 birthday, who then went on to tie Kobe in points scored over a stretch of games…

*Kobe Bean Bryant = 81

Revelation 13:18, which speaks of 666, number of the beast, number of a man, is a Greek isopsephy riddle.


Remember, the helicopter took off at 9:06, and crashed at 9:47.

Recall, Kobe’s 666th game, his 81-points game (Kobe Bean Bryant = 81), was his 666th.

Notice Ephesians 2:2, the 10th book of the New Testament *Satan = 10

Bryant died on the 26th.

Air Jordan?

Now one more time, notice what is on Will Smith’s jersey, ‘Bel-Air Academy’ and ‘IYT’.

Recall, Wilt Chamberlain, from Philly, died in Bel-Air, just before the 54th NBA season’s start, won by Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, 251-days later, the 54th prime, and of course, the TV show Chamberlain Heights has the cartoon character with the #54 on his jersey front and center.

Read more here: https://gematriaeffect.news/wilt-chamberlains-passing-in-bel-air-before-54th-nba-season-will-smith-the-fresh-prince-kobes-predicted-death-in-chamberlain-heights/

Keep in mind it is the Jesuit Order and Catholic Church that is behind our calendar, language and basketball stars. In the time of Kobe’s death, we’re living in the time of the first publicly Jesuit Pope.

Don’t forget Pope Francis is the 266th Pope, and the death also came 266-days after Vanessa Bryant’s birthday.

Read more about the Jesuits and 266 here: