Wilt Chamberlain’s passing in Bel Air before 54th NBA season, Will Smith the Fresh Prince & Kobe’s predicted death in Chamberlain Heights

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Wilt Chamberlain was from Philadelphia, and died in Bel Air.  Does that remind you of the Fresh Prince played by Will Smith?  That same season, the Los Angeles Lakers would go on to win the very rigged NBA Finals.  In light of LA being the winners, consider Chamberlain died on his 53rd day of his age.

Consider, October 12 leaves 80-days left in the year, corresponding with ‘Wilton Chamberlain’.

Coming back to the Fresh Prince, played by Will Smith, he died 17-days after the star’s birthday.

That year was the 54th NBA season, reminding of the Gematria of ‘Kobe Bean Bryant’, who was from Philadelphia, and played in LA.


The Lakers would win the Finals on June 19, 251-days later (54th prime).

Notice the Lakers won the championship on June 19, the real King James birthday:


Recall, the Chamberlain Heights predictive programming of Kobe Bryant’s death, released November 16, 2016, a date that can be written 16/11, like the year 1611, when the KJV Bible released.

Read more about November 16, 2016 episode here:

Don’t forget LeBron James, aka King James, passing Kobe Bryant in scoring on January 25 (25/1, like 251, 54th prime), scoring the 54th points, the day before Kobe reportedly died.

Read more about LeBron passing Kobe here:

And don’t forget LeBron’s family tree, Jay-Z, had Kobe pass on his 54th day of his age.

And don’t forget they reported Kobe’s helicopter took off at 9:06.  Notice how that factors in with Wilt Chamberlain dying in Bel Air, Los Angeles.

‘Bel Air’ alone also sums to 47, like how it was reported Kobe’s chopper crashed at 9:47.  *And don’t forget Tracy McGrady revealed Kobe wanted to die young, to be remembered as a ‘Legend’.

Don’t forget, 911 was made the national emergency dialing code on February 16, 1968, the 47th day of the year.  *9:47 is 9:11 in numerology.

And again, from 9:06 to 9:47 is 41 minutes later.  Do you think it is an accident this is reported in light of Kobe dying at age 41, in the massive 41 ritual that was?  Adding insult to injury, the death of Kobe came 4-months and 1-day after Will Smith’s 51st birthday, or 123-days…

Pilot, Ara Zobayan…

Alicia Keys tribute at Grammy’s date of crash…

41, the 13th prime (Kobe dead at 41, and his daughter at 13)

*Kobe dead 41-days after JoAnn Buss

*Kobe dead on Pope Francis’ 41st day of his age

*Kobe dead a span of 41-days from Shaq’s upcoming March 6 birthday

As for the crash site, Calabasas, it has a couple Fresh Prince and Black Mamba connections as well.

Keep in mind, when LeBron, King James, passed Kobe, there was a snake on the court. “Mamba 4 Life”.