Maxwell Frost, in his 26th year of life, will become the first Generation Z member of Congress after close race in Florida’s 10th district, August 24, 2022 news

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August 24, the 236th day of the year, leaving 129 days remaining *Frost = 24

His name is Maxwell Alejandro Frost, equating to 248. Today is 24/8.
Maxwell Alejandro Frost = 248
24th day of 8th month
(Aug. 24)

He is 25-years-old, thus in his 26th year of life. Z is the 26th letter.
The first Generation Z candidate
Z = 26

That also means he will turn 26 in his first year of Congress.
*I cannot find his birthday at the moment

Him being an Uber driver fits the riddle.

He wins election with 54k+ followers
Oh great… Florida… Parkland…
Maxwell Alejandro Frost = 86 / 121 / 248 / 319

And keep in mind the election was on 23/8, like 238.

As we know, that number gets paired with 86.
Maxwell Alejandro Frost = 86
Eye of Providence = 86 / 238

Recall Kiely Rodni disappeared on August 6, or 8/6, and her body was confirmed dead on August 23, or 23/8. Thus, 86 and 238.

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  1. Cory on August 24, 2022 at 7:09 pm

    Maxwell Is an OX . Alejandro you got Dean in there . Frost is ruf 2in1 the EF star. Look…. I have a wrench… F. = female . FEMA .the war on women.

    Keep up the important work Zach.

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