May 3, 2023 Headlines | Texas manhunt, Tucker Carlson & new Alzheimer’s drug

Mass Shooting News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Racism Shooting

The Tucker Carlson “the racist” news broke last night on May 2, a fitting date.
Tucker Carlson = 52
Racist = 25

And for a better joke, how about the top headline? “Partner.” “Closet.” That’s pertaining to the Texas manhunt that last 5 days, after 5 people were killed, on Friday, considered the 5th day of the week. Not to mention, May is the 5th month.
Texas = 15 (5th tri. number)

And as for these still being the headlines on May 3, or 3/5, notice the Alzheimer’s drug that slows down cognitive decline by 35%. Eli Lilly is the maker and their stock value is up today on the news.

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