Melissa Etheridge, Julie Cypher & David Crosby lose 21-year-old son Beckett to opioid addiction, May 13, 2020

Celebrity Murder by Numbers News

This death reportedly occurred May 13, 2020, a date with 38 numerology.  *Death = 38

5/13/20 = 5+13+20 = 38

The name Beckett as well as the name of the mother who carried him, Julie, sum to 21.

*21, the 6th triangular number (Saturn the 6th planet)

*13, the 6th prime (13th of month)

Melissa Etheridge won her first Grammy in 1993, 27-years ago.  Of course, the numbers 93 and 21 are associated with Saturn, connected to death and judgement.

She also put out the album ‘Yes I Am’ in 1993, 27-years ago, the ‘ritual’ number.

Melissa Lou Etheridge is the singer’s full name.

Keep in mind 103 is the 27th prime and ‘overdose sums to 103.  In this case, the death came 103-days before Julie Cypher’s 56th birthday.

And for another 93, the child died 93-days before the father’s 79th birthday, David Crosby.

And for one final Saturn tribute, the planet also known as ‘El’, the child died a span of 17-days from Etheridge’s 59th birthday.

*59, the 17th prime number

And notice the child died on a date with a 58 numerology, while she is 58.

5/13/2020 = 5+13+20+20 = 58

David Crosby’s full name sums to 139, like ‘Freemasonry’.

Read about Saturns’s relationship with 27 here:

For one last point, notice the overlap between Heroin and Saturn, each summing to 42, 69 and 93.

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