Mercury (Hermes) the Psychopomp

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In light of 201 and 56 being so relevant to the coronavirus pandemic, where a number of elderly met their demise, it is interesting to look at the word psychopomp. Keep in mind the 201 in the ritual is related to Mercury (also known as Hermes), who is a psychopomp.
Psychopomp = 56

Hermes is Mercury

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  1. EyesOfTheSun on March 10, 2022 at 12:44 pm

    Zach, can you do another look at the Winged Foot Gulf Club in Mamaroneck, NY which you masterfully decoded. A few years ago someone tagged the word LOVE in pink all over Mamaroneck and the surrounding area. There must be at least 50 of them. First word of Mamaroneck is also Mama which is another connection to the feminine. As well, during the Covid pandemic the local Lion Club asked for donations and said “soon Rye will be bursting with love” Rye is right next door to Mamaroneck, and as you probably know Rye is home to the famous Playland which has a green dragon as it’s mascot. Now for something that really got my attention, Mamaroneck has a dedication sun dial in the downtown area with coordinates inscribed Lat 40-56-56 Lon 73-43-56 dated 1986. Thats three 56s and that interesting year 1986. Right next to Mamaroneck is Larchmont, which uses the Poseidon Trident as its town logo, it is also the wealthiest area in Westchester, NY. Recently Larchmont renovated one of it’s parks and the name for it is “The New Constitution Park” very interesting name indeed. You will also know that the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant is just a few miles away on the west end of westchester. Shut down a few Aprils ago by Cuomo, why was he so interested in it. Thanks for all your hard work Zach! I hope that maybe some of this info will help you investigate the Mamaroneck area a little more.

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