Miami presidential debate canceled, October 9, 2020 & Hurricane Delta brings flooding to Louisiana

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These headlines come October 9, 2020, the date Miami is potentially eliminated from the NBA Finals. You might recall how the Cavs, with LeBron, won the NBA Finals in 2016, then Trump had his GOP Convention in their building right after, by the numbers, before becoming president. In this case, LeBron is on his way to 4-6 in the NBA Finals, and we might very well be on our way to the 46th president.

As for Hurricane Delta, recall, Hurricane Laura made landfall August 26 / 27, the 239th day of the year, and now Hurricane Delta is hitting Louisiana again.

Keep in mind October 9 leaves 83 days in the year.

And New Orleans is a city known for flooding, because it sits below sea level.

For one last point, the ‘election’ related debate fits in with the 83 theme.

Also, keep in mind today is 10/9, like 109. *Military = 109

The Military is in control of the weather, and the nation. And don’t forget the Jesuits consider themselves a military order, that operate by infiltration.

If there is one more hurricane to make landfall, it will be the sixth, and a record setter.

Six = 19+9+24 = 52

And with Miami in the headlines, think of their university name, the “Hurricanes”.

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