Michael Jackson’s and Princess Diana’s lone meeting, July 16, 1988 (and her death on the 10 year anniversary of Dirty Diana’s debut)

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Michael Jackson performed for the Royal Family on July 16, 1988.
Elizabeth = 88

It was 86 days after Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, or her 87th day of her age. Keep in mind his most recent album, Bad, has released in ’87.

And don’t forget Michael and Prince were both born in ’58, of course Prince died on the Queen’s birthday in 2016, on April 21 (I Would Die 4 U…)

Michael also performed 44 days before his own August 29 birthday.
Jackson = 44


Michael Jackson’s album Bad released August 31, 1987, ten years to the day of the death of Diana. Of course, one of the tracks on that album was called Dirty Diana.

ALSO, recall Artemis is another name for Diana, and the NASA Artemis rocket launch, the latest moon mission, was scheduled for Michael Jackson’s 64th birthday (Virgo = 64).

And notice the moon went into Virgo on August 29.

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