Michael Oher related drama in the news the same time as Alex Collins death, August 14-15, 2023

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I wonder why they went with number 74 for this national story?

The latest story about Michael Oher began on the evening of August 14, 2023, and is front and center on the Jesuit Order’s birthday, the following day, August 15. Of course, Michael Oher made his NFL name with the Ravens, and we have been covering the many Ravens and Baltimore related deaths.

This story broke on the evening of the news of former Ravens player Alex Collins death at age 28.

The date August 14 can be written 14/8, like 148.

Michael Oher’s birthday is May 28, the 148th day of the year.

Super Bowl 58 is upcoming (February 11, 2024)

The news broke on his 79th day of his age, August 14. *Ravens = 79

Murder = 79 & 83, Ravens = 78 & 83, Football = 83

Read about Alex Collins death, 83 days before the game between his teams, the Ravens & Seahawks.

Keep in mind August 15 is the Jesuit Order’s birthday, established on this day in 1534, in Paris, France, by Ignatius of Loyola, who would die in 1556.
Society of Jesus = 56 & 79
Paris, France = 56
Michael Oher = 56
*Black Lives Matter = 56
-The Black Godfather, born on 56th day of year
-He also died 56 years after establishing his first record label in 67
-Obama won the 56th Presidential Election and BLM launched in his time as President

The Jesuits serve the Pope.
Pope = 56

You could also say the news on August 14 was 78 days after his birthday, rather than his 79th day of his age. And notice where ’78’ fits in. *Jesuit = 78 & 42 *Blind Side = 78 & 42

You know the racial component with 42.
Forty-two = 74

And you know about the white washing of history and 74.
White Supremacist = 74
Jesus Christ = 74
Jewish = 74
Jesus = 74
Cross = 74
Messiah = 74
Gospel = 74
Parables = 74
Holiday = 74

And on and on and on, like the date July 4, or 7/4…

And 42 generations to Jesus in the New Testament
New Testament = 42
New = 42

And, this did happen on August 14, 14 years after the film came out in 2009 about the reportedly false story.

The 42 generations to Jesus are divided into sections of 14.
*Slave = 14
*Slavery = 42

Christianity condones slavery.

Michael Oher will be 38 next year. *Sean Tuohy = 38 *Ravens = 38

His birthday, November 23, leaves 38 days in the year.

And notice he is 63. *Racism = 63

’63 was a bad year for Catholic President. And I say that because the Blind Side came out in Joe Biden’s birthday, and you just never know when you’ll get blind sided in this world.

He turned 67 that day, beginning his 68th year of life, with Barack at his side.
Barack Obama = 68 (#44 —- Joe Biden = 44)
’68 assassinations included MLK on 4/4, and RFK

Michael Oher played for Baltimore and Carolina (the Panthers), and it is upcoming Super Bowl 58 upcoming, and Cam Newton was the 58th Quarterback to start in a Super Bowl, for the Panthers, in San Francisco, just like how Huey P. Newton started the Black Panthers there.
Huey P. Newton = 58
Black Panther Party = 74

He played for Baltimore, then he played for Tennessee where MLK was killed, and then the Panthers…

He was with Tennessee in 2014, and now this ritual with 14.
Slave = 14
*Obama = 14

All locations have a clear black history connection…
History = 42 (his-story)


  1. Aaravos on August 16, 2023 at 3:25 pm

    orbits the Sun with Earth in that 13:8 ratio. Pretty cool that the last star point fell on 13/8. Bob Saget said to have died of “head trauma” = 430 latin. “Pluto” = 430 latin. Seven7One1 mentioned the film Geostorm to me recently. On the wikipage they emphasize the date 10/20. Filming said to begin on 10/20/2014 and film released on 10/20/2017. Of course that is Kamala Harris’ birthday. She’s super coded to Venus. Selected as VP on a date when Venus was at Maximum Elongation as a Morning star 8/11/2020. Revelation 22:16 mentions the Bright and Morning star. The film on wikipedia is listed as earning $221.6 million. The next maximum elongation morning star date falls on 10/23/2023 and also happens to be a Mercury birthday for Kamala and Biden who were born 91 Mercury years part. 2216 was a big theme last Spring. China Air crash on 3/20/2022 the date of a Jupiter Mercury conjunction. Their respective magic squares sum to 2080 and 136. Combined that makes 2216. Then a week later on 3/27/2022 you got the oscar’s slap. Will Smith was 19541 days old that day. That’s the 2216th prime. Then on 4/5/2022 Obama returned to the White House on his 22160th day on Earth. Will Smith did the film Bright. His mother’s maiden name is Bright

    Former 49er Jimmy Garoppolo born with Venus at max elongation as a morning star. Venus magic square is a 7×7 so made up of 49 squares. Of course he’s on Vegas’ roster now. On 10/23/2023 he’ll turn 4 Venus pentagrams old.

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