Michael Porter Jr. of Denver Nuggets says coronavirus is ‘population control’, July 28, 2020

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Denver, Colorado = 74

Colorado = 38; Pandemic = 38 *Colorado, 38th State

Keep in mind Denver, Colorado is the home of the airport with the “New World Order” plaque inside of it.


Notice how Porter also relates to ‘Novel Coronavirus’ and ‘Covid-19’.


  1. Strager on July 30, 2020 at 7:58 pm

    Newly registered user here. Located in LA county, we had a 4.2 earthquake at 4:29 a.m. the day after the Dodgers won 4-2 against the Astros! Can’t believe people don’t pick up on this, please look into it and do a post, still quite new to this myself but these numbers are obviously grabbing. NY Times article made a point of the game being the first between the two teams “since cheating revelations” in 2017.

  2. Strager on July 30, 2020 at 8:18 pm

    Oh, and followed by a 3.3 earthquake 9 minutes later at 4:38 am and a 3.8 temblor at 6:48 am.

  3. That Mfsyy on July 30, 2020 at 9:11 pm

    On 8/13/2019, Porter incurred the wrath of Adam Silver by releasing the Commissioner’s cell phone number in a Snapchat pic. Silver had to change his number, so you can figure this less-than-stellar player is still on his (s)hitlist.

    “The Revenge Of Adam Silver” = 117 (rr) … which syncs up with Porter’s words that were highlighted in quotes:
    “Overblown” = 117 (ro) … & … “That’s Facts” = 117 (eo) … Articles also highlighted:
    “Definitely An Agenda” = 84 (red) … 330 (ro) … 96 (rr) — which is interesting.

    For a 201 connection —

    Consider the possibility that Porter was —
    Ordered to Subject Himself To Public Attention/Ridicule/Outrage … As a form of:
    “Old School Eye For An Eye” = 227 (eo) … 101 (red) … 88 (rr)

    At the command of Nugget’s owner Ann Walton Kroenke — perhaps known to those She Owns as:
    “Mistress Kroenke” = **201 (eo) … 66 (red) … 96 (rr)
    In an effort to assuage the angry Silver, did she facilitate the:
    “Revenge Of Adam Silver” = **201 (eo) … 93 (red)

    Yes, that’s a stretch — those are theories & the number syncs may be coincidental … but it’s not insignificant that Porter both embarrassed & enraged 2 powerful billionaires (Silver & Walton-Kroenke) nearly a year ago — & yet he’s still on the team. It seems unlikely that such egos would settle for a simple apology from someone they “own” & they certainly don’t need his money … so … could it be that “Porter’s Penance” has finally come due?
    “Porter’s Penance” = 209 (ro)
    July 28 is the 209th day of the year (in non-leap years).

    Maybe he really was speaking out on his own, but the timing sure was convenient for pushing forward the latest agenda of fellow billionaire Bill Gates — who wants to clamp down harder on anyone not adhering to The Covid Plan.
    It seems suspicious — especially when you consider Porter’s past transgression was also via Snapchat, & the 1 year anniversary of that “slip up” is fast approaching.
    Come to think of it, Porter better watch his back — lest he wind up like Herman Cain. They do love to kill off the “public deniers” with a (supposed) Covid death. : ) ; )

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