Michelle Money, of The Bachelor season 15, asking for prayers while 15-year-old daughter is in ‘ICU’, March 30, 2020 news

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers

Notice the theme of 15.

1] Season 15 of the Bachelor

2] Pregnant at 15

3] 15-year-old daughter in ‘ICU’

This news comes 6-months and 2-days, or 26-weeks and 2-days after Michelle Money’s birthday.  Those numbers connect with ‘Faustian Bargain’, or a deal with the devil.

You could also say this news of her daughter’s ‘skateboarding accident’ comes on her 185th day of her age.


As you know, 86 connects to ‘blood sacrifice’.  This news also comes on a date with 73 numerology, March 30, 2020, and ‘sacrifice’ sums to 73.

3/30/2020 = 3+30+20+20 = 73

It comes on a date with 37 numerology as well.  3/30/2020 = 3+30+(2+0+2+0) = 37