Michigan State holds Michigan to 78 yards rushing in the first half, Halloween, October 31, 2020 | Sports #Gematria


*Jesuit = 78

This was the 95th meeting between these two teams.

Today is also the day in history the Protest Reformation began, with the 95 Theses, against the Catholic Church. In relation to that, today Michigan lost, falling to 56-35-4 vs Michigan State all-time. As you know, Society of Jesus equals 56, and Catholic equals 35. Furthermore, the Society of Jesus was created to counter the 95 Thesis.

Harbaugh was used in a Catholic riddle with Jake Butt being taken 145th overall by the Denver Broncos, in the NFL Draft, out of Michigan, days after Pope Francis was visited by Jim Harbaugh, at the Vatican.

Catholic = 145 / 71 / 46

Denver Broncos = 71

Catholic = 46 *Vatican City = 46 *Religion = 46

Rome = 18+15+13+5 = 51 *51 points


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