Microsoft pulls ad featuring Marina Abramović due to Satanist outcry, April 16, 2020 & mainstream defends her 1987 “spirit cooking”

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It is interesting that the product Hololens 2 sums to 35, like ‘Satan’ and ‘Baphomet’.

Here’s another article defending Marina.

The spirit cooking incident was in 1987, emphasis on ’87.

Notice ‘spirit cooking’ has gematria of 87.

Keep in mind 1987 was 33-years-ago.  Keep in mind Bill Gates is Mr. 33, and a man who clearly worships the beast. Of course he was CEO of Microsoft for 33-years.

William Henry Gates = Number of the Beast

Her name, Marina Abramović, also sums to 137, the 33rd prime.

Read about Microsofts recent 666 patent, published March 26, 2020:

Don’t forget March 26 can be expressed 26/3, like 263, the 56th prime.  Marina’s another 56.  The flavor of the coronavirus months.

It should be noted that Marina is getting a lot of attention because of the recent YouTube documentary Out of the Shadows. Watch here: