Mike Pompeo states Russia was behind federal government data breach on Mark Levin Show, Friday, December 18, 2020

Celebrity Entertainment Federal Government Hacking

Rumors of war, always, in the United States of America, the land of 666.

These remarks were made on the 18th of December, Friday.

‘Pretty Clearly’ = 171 (18th tri. number)

Pretty Clearly = 180 *18th

Pretty Clearly = 63 *Friday = 63

Pretty Clearly = 72 *Jesuit Order = 72

These remarks were made on a 70 date numerology, and he is the 70th Secretary of the State.

12/18/2020 = 12+18+20+20 = 70

*Cyberattack = 37 *December 37 (12th prime)

These remarks were made 12 days before his birthday, December 30, 2020. He makes these remarks while he is still 56 years old.


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