Milwaukee Brewers accomplish MLB’s 9th no hitter of 2021 season, September 11, 2021, over Indians… and Zach Plesac… again

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7 hits to 0 *Indians = 70
Milwaukee = 46 *No Hitter = 46

The ninth no hitter of the 2021 season comes September 11, 2021.
Major League = 45 (Film about the Indians…)
Brewers = 45
45, 9th tri. number

Funny enough, this is the third no hitter against Cleveland this year.
Cleveland = 33
3×3 = 9

Notice the Brewers won 3-0.

And adding to the riddle, Zach Plesac was the starting pitcher for the Indians in each of the three no hitters thrown against the team. Sure enough, in history, his father also pitcher for the Brewers.

Also, this came on September 11, or 11/9.
Indians = 119

The game was 7-months 7-days after the father’s birthday.
September Eleventh = 77

And notice where the father’s name fits in.

As for Burnes, the game was 46-weeks and 2-days after his birthday.
No Hitter = 46
Milwaukee = 46

It was also 157 days after Josh Hader’s birthday.
157, 37th prime
Milwaukee = 37

And as for this being the 9th of the season, recall that the first was thrown on April 9, the 99th day of the year, by the ‘Padres’, and this latest comes from the ‘Brewers’.

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