MLB eyes 60 days season, beginning July 24, and ending September 27, 2020

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Sixty games = 56 / 142 *Coronavirus = 56 / 142

Remember, one of the big stories was the killing of George Floyd, in the Twin Cities, in a story that had a lot to do with 60.

July 24, the proposed start date, will be 60 days after his supposed death, on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020.

From July 24 to September 27, is 65-days later. *Pandemic = 65

The Seattle Mariners will be a team to keep an eye on opening day, same with the Atlanta Braves. This is because the date is 24/7, and Seattle, Washington = 247 and Atlanta, Georgia = 247. In the case of Seattle, it is the 206 area code, and July 24 will be the 206th day of the year.

Once again, September 27 is the Jesuit Order’s birthday.

And keep in mind a statue of the Twins former racist owner was just removed.

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