MLB owners propose 76-game 2020 season, beginning July 4 and ending September 27 | Another Jesuit ritual

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76 games?  July 4 start?  1776?

Notice the planned end date is September 27, the Jesuit formation date.

9/27/2020 = 9+27+20+20 = 76

Keep in mind the NBA season begins July 31, the date Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits died.

From July 4 to September 27 is 85-days later, or an 86 day season.

In light of what happened to George Floyd in the ‘Twin’ cities, the Twins are a team to keep an eye on.

Floyd’s porn name was ‘Floyd the Landlord’

Negro = 76; Slave = 76; Blues = 76

2020 will mark 63-years after Jackie Robinson was called up in ’47.  *Racism = 63

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