Monkeypox becomes the focus of the news May 18, 2022, the 138th day of the year

Federal Government Jesuit Medical New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Psychological Operation

This news broke on May 18, 2022, the 138th day of the year, and notice they say there are 68 cases worldwide at the time.
Monkeypox = 138
Federal = 138

May 18 also leaves 227-days left in the year.
Monkeypox Virus = 227
-227, 49th prime
-Washington = 49
-America = 49

Reportedly, the US Federal Government immediately spent $119-million for 13-million vaccines for Monkeypox, where M is the 13th letter.
All Seeing Eye = 119
-Under the 13 layers of bricks on the U.S. dollar bill

Watch more below.


  1. Slava on May 20, 2022 at 6:25 am
    18 may – 138/227
    Bible: Strong Dictionary H138 (as H113 + H3050 ) –
    Original (prolonged) dadoniyahuw {ad-o-nee- yaw’-hoo}; from H113 (‘adown) and H3050 (Yahh); lord (i.e. Worshipper) of Jah; Adonijah, the name of three Israelites — Adonijah.
    Strong Dictionary H227 –
    A demonstrative adverb; at that time or place; also as a conjunction, therefore — beginning, for, from, hitherto, now, of old, once, since, then, at which time, yet.

  2. RubyDavis369 on May 20, 2022 at 11:17 am

    1968 was the Year of the Earth MONKEY, thus the name MONKEYpox.
    1968 was the death/assassination of RFK and MLK Jr.
    1968 was also the attempted death/assassination of Andy Warhol and Mario Amaya.
    ‘68/68 can be read as 6/8 as in June 8th meaning something will happen that day of this year in a series of false flags.
    Let’s see what happens on June 8th.

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