Mookie Betts nearing $400 million contract with the Dodgers, following Patrick Mahomes

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Another $400m deal? This one is for Mookie Betts, now with the Dodgers, in the MLB, following Patrick Mahomes, in the NFL, who just won the 100th NFL, before getting his $400m plus contact on July 6, or 7/6, reminding of Acts 7:6, the 400 years prophecy.

In light of the 100th NFL season being called “the year of the black quarterback”, I would very much expect a black narrative for the 116th World Series, especially, since as we know, the season is synced with the George Floyd killing, in the time of Gemini, the twins, in the Twin Cities.

Keep in mind, Betts is with the Dodgers, who called up number 42, Jackie Robinson, in 1947.


  1. ooswango on July 22, 2020 at 10:19 am
    Look at how ‘Sentinels overlap with ‘Redskins.’
    Sentinels: 117 / 36 / 126 / 54
    Redskins: 99 / 36 / 117 / 54

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