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I have never tracked the days from the new moon, and I feel this might have been a big oversight all these years. Has anyone tracked such information and noticed any interesting patterns?

Thank you in advance.


  1. Den Mun on May 11, 2023 at 6:14 am

    This is largely anecdotal however significant nonetheless…. The closest I come to monitoring/tracking the lunar cycle is in relation to my daily meditation. One of the most amazing byproducts I have experienced from seeking the knowledge and subject matter discussed on this site has been a refocus on my physical health and overall meditative capabilities (yes, it is undoubtedly true that the process of seeking this and similar information… the process in and of itself… will reveal a better way to live if you are open enough to perceive ‘influences’ that will touch your life). Anyway, journaling and keeping track of the lunar cycle in relation to my meditative experience that morning clearly shows the lunar cycle has an enormous impact on our capability to reach a state of “stillness” and commune with the Divine. Without fail, each month, when the moon is in my birth sign (in my case Cancer). the quickness and intensity of reaching this place are markedly increased. This occurs for approx 2-days every 28 days of the lunar cycle. As mentioned, there are no exceptions to this and after 3+ years of documenting my experiences this is no longer considered a “trend” and is simply a fact of life (I have spoken with many other likeminded individuals who report similar experiences).

    Just thought I’d share in the off chance Zach or anyone other than the handful of people who consistently post in here take notice… I’m active on but wish there was some sort of notification system for the comments on this site as well, as I’ve encountered some excellent material in many of these comments!

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