More information on the Jesuits and 201 +My interesting synchronicity

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Read more about the suppression of the Jesuits:

Read more about the Jesuits, 201 and 21 here:

Notice, it was 201 Jesuits on the 21st of July.  We know what 201 means to the order. What weirds me out about this is July 21 is my birthday, and when I was in New Orleans, staying at the Treme Hotel, in Room 201, after pounding pavement at the Jesuit school Loyola, educating about Gematria, Dr. Paul Cottrell, whose name sums to 201, began calling me in excess about Event 201, asking me to look into it, in regards to the coronavirus outbreak.  This was at the very start of February, 2020.

Read more about Paul Cottrell here:

If you ever visit the Treme, you’ll find that when you enter the building, the stairs are immediately to the right, and at the top of the stairs, straight ahead, is Room 201.

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