More than 40 hostages taken on October 7 in Israel are not being held by Hamas, November 27, 2023 news

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When they add the next 11, the total will climb from 58 to 69.

Anyhow, notice the part about more than 40 hostages, and then the other part about, and how out of the 58 hostages turned over so far, 40 are Israelis.
Old Testament=40 *Bibllical=58

Again, Title 40 was used to declare the war by Israel on October 8, 2023.

And as for today’s news, there is no clear sign of who is holding the other 40.

Also, more on Elon Musk’s visit to Israel on his 153rd day of his age.
Holy Bible=153
Jesuit Order=153
The Illuminati=153

Notie the gematria of Isaac Herzog.
Isaac Herzog=58 & 59 *Freemasonry=58 & 59
Isaac Herzog=112 & 185 *Mathematics=112 & 185 *Catholicism=112 & 185

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