Mortgage rates fall based on Federal Reserve’s July 27, 2022 decision (Markets by the numbers)

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When the housing market went in 2008, so did the economy. It is 14-years later.
Stock Market Collapse = 728 (Jewish Gematria)
Today is 7/28 (The housing market could be the rug, again)

This falling rate was spearheaded by the Federal Reserve’s decision on 27/7, per the article.
277, 59th prime (like 27/7)
Mortgage Rates = 59

July 27 was the day of 59 rituals, especially in the MLB, and in Canada.
Pope Francis = 59
-Trudea and the Pope met on this day

RIP Fidel Castro, who died in a big 59 ritual years ago, synced with Pope Francis. Of course, he became leader of Cuba in ’59.

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