Moscow to go into lockdown on Bill Gates’ birthday (& 21 days after Putin’s birthday), October 28, 2021

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I love these lockdowns that are set for days ahead in perfect Jesuit rituals.

Notice, this one will begin on Bill Gates’ birthday, who is of Russian-Jewish ancestry, October 28, 2021.

It will begin exactly 21 days after Vladimir Putin’s 69th birthday, October 7, in the year 2021.
Jesuit = 21
The Jesuit Order = 69

Remember, Catherine the Great of Russia saved the Jesuit Order.

And go figure, they already know what day the lockdown will end, the day leaving 54 days in the year, November 7.
Jesuit Order = 54

Stay home for FOUR months… Jesuit-Jew World Order at its finest. Remind me what the fourth book of the Bible is called.

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