Murder by Numbers | NFL player Tarvaris Jackson dies April 12, 2020, in car crash

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Tarvaris Jackson is dead at 36.

A car crash is blamed for the cause of death.  Notice how his name sums to 55, like ‘car crash’ and ‘Montgomery’, where it happened.

He has died on a Sunday, a span of 71-days from the Super Bowl.

*71, 20th prime number

The nickname T-Jack says it all.

He had 45 career TDs.

He died 9-days shy of his birthday. (45, 9th triangular number)

He died at age 36.

Keep in mind, he died on April 12, which is typically the 102nd day of the year.

For one last and very important point, he was coaching the TIGERS. Again, the Tiger symbolism is everywhere. ALSO, the college football championship to start 2019 was Tigers vs. Tigers, LSU over Clemson, on January 13, or 1/13…. *LSU Tigers = 113 *Coronavirus Pandemic = 113

He died at 8:50, emphasis on 85.