Music Industry deaths, March 14, 2021, the day of the Grammy’s, including Reggie Warren of Troop

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On the date of the 63rd Grammy’s, there were at least three deaths in the music world.

One was 52 year old

Notice how the surname ‘Warren’ goes with ‘murder’.

Read more about 38, 79 and 83 murder here.

Reggie Warren = 76 *Slave = 76 *Negro = 76

TROOP = 84 *Sunday = 84 *JESUIT = 84
Total Respect Of Other People = 365 (365 days in a year, 52 weeks, and dead at 52)

*Total Respect Of Other People is what TROOP stands for.

Another was Thione Ballago Seck, two days after his 66th birthday.

Notice his name equates to 93’s like ‘Grammy’s’.

And another was 85 year old Mahmoud Khoshnam. He died 44 days before his 86th birthday.

Kill = 44
Blood Sacrifice = 86

And notice how 85 goes with Grammy.

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